Pop That Zit - 4 Years Of Zit Popping Magic

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Published: 18th November 2010
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(1888PressRelease) For a total of 4 years now Pop That Zit has been a favorite website of over 5,000 members.

It has become well-known all across the internet as a result of being mentioned by Rosie O' Donnell, Tyra Banks, and on XM radio. Various radio stations have also promoted this website and everything it offers to those who are searching for zit fetish fullfillment or just wish to talk with others on the subject. In the last four years it has gone through multiple phases and changes, constantly striving to provide visitors with a good overall browsing experience.

On Pop That Zit visitors have the option of browsing through five different sections, including "Be ACTIVE!" which provides visitors with a way to get involved with each other and with the website. Some of the various interactive things that occur on the website include zit contests and sharing random videos with other members. Recently the website added a private messaging feature which has made for a more direct method of communication between members who are part of the website. This feature is just one in many which allow those who are signed up to talk to each other about absolutely anything.

Another one of the very popular things that the website has to offer is The Wisconsin Cheese Head Series; it was originally created by a member of the website and features her brother-in-law engaging in monthly popping sessions. This is just one example of the many videos that people who visit the find will find. On the main page there are multiple links to pictures and video which have been uploaded by various members. Each of these posts fall under a different category, ranging from "Halloween" to "Cyst Pictures". There is certainly no shortage of categories when one browses through the tab at the top, providing many different topics for members to discuss and post on.

There is also a newly integrated video player which helps members view clips that others have posted. It makes for a faster and more efficient way to play video smoothly and consistently. The new ad system which can be seen on the right-hand side of the screen is another apparent change which was made recently, allowing visitors to see all of the sponsors that are involved with the website. Overall participation in Pop That Zit has skyrocketed over an extremely short period of time with a rapidly-increasing member list that explains why there are so many new posts all the time.

The "Acne Treatment" tab at the top of the website's homepage provides members in need with a way to get their acne under control. It lists everything from some of the most popular books on acne to information about treating this condition when pregnant. It is widely regarded as one of the most definitive resources on the internet when it comes to acne treatment. This website also includes a forum for public discussion of numerous topics, including personal stories, videos, and pictures which members often share with each other.

Pop That Zit encourages all members to take an active role in the website, contributing in their own way. Over the course of just four years, the website has managed to maintain a modest yet loyal base of devoted members who regularly visit and post on the website. There is even a manifesto listed which describes the various sub-categories of "poppers", explaining just how misunderstood they are. This section also provides information about the true nature of those who pop zits, providing valuable information to those who have certain misconceptions about people who do this.

Upon visiting Pop That Zit, one is confronted with multiple features and options that allow the average person to become part of a community that surrounds zit culture and specifically popping. There are a wide variety of categories and posts made each day, demonstrating just how diverse this internet sub-culture phenomenon is and how popular it is becoming. There is no doubt that this site will experience even more growth over the coming months and expand their relatively small community to more and more people across the internet.

For more details and information, you can visit http://www.popthatzit.com.


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