New Release 'Eyes of the Predator' Psychological Thriller by Glenn Trust Probes the Victimizat

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Published: 17th June 2015
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1888 Press Release - The release of 'Eyes of the Predator' on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other eBook outlets as well as in paperback provides readers unique insight into the mind of the serial killer and his victims.

Spring Creek, Nevada - 'Eyes of the Predator' is an intense and gripping psychological thriller that brings the reader into the minds of the killer and his victims, exploring the forces that motivate the killer and the circumstances that propel his victims to him. One reviewer has called it "The most spellbinding story in decades."

FBI statistics show that women are the victims of serial killer abductions in seventy percent of cases. Interestingly, the genesis of 'Eyes of the Predator' can be traced to the 1965 abduction of Mary Shotwell Little from a Lenox Square parking lot in Atlanta. At the time, the author, Glenn Trust, was a fourteen-year-old high school student who, along with everyone else in the city, was caught up in the drama, and trauma, of the event that remained in the Atlanta news for months. The abduction of Mary Little changed Atlanta in fundamental ways. It was suddenly thrust into the age of big city crime and was no longer a backwater southern city.

Working as a police officer a dozen years after the abduction and disappearance of Little, Trust was exposed to the victimization of women in very real ways. There were the periodic disappearances from parking lots around the city along with the more routine and sadly repetitive abuse of women by people close to them. Like all police officers, Trust responded to hundreds of domestic violence calls in the course of his ten years policing in the Atlanta area. He became aware of the common thread - the victims were virtually always women and children, the abusers were almost always men.

'He hated them. She knew it.' A victim of abuse at home, 'Eyes of the Predator's' lead female character escapes the mental and physical abuse of a father only to be thrust into the nightmare of abuse inflicted upon her by a predatory killer.

'He waited patiently, a lion in the grass at the edge of the herd. The herd grazed and moved around him and copulated and birthed and played and fought, and was completely unaware of his presence.' The story's serial killer is the perfect predator, operating to a large degree on animal cunning and instinct, lying in wait for his prey.

Through the eyes of the killer, Trust gives insight into the predatory patterns of serial killers. They are masters of invisibility, able to remain undetected for years, only revealing themselves to their victims at a moment of their choosing.

'There was terror in her eyes. He smiled.' The killer derives pleasure from the pain he inflicts on his victims. Sadistic behavior is a common trait of serial killers.

While sex may be part of the victimization of women, FBI behavioral analysts indicate that power, control and anger may be the primary motivations in most cases. Serial killers are driven by dark forces that others do not see. Often, these internal, psychological forces remain hidden until they are acted out upon their victims.

Probing the darkness within those who prey on the weak, 'Eyes of the Predator' sheds light on a frightening aspect of our culture. There are predators among us, and they and their victims generally remain unseen and unnoticed by the rest of us.

Glenn Trust is a novelist and former police officer and corporate security executive living in Spring Creek, Nevada, with his wife. He is available for comment at 775-385-6019 or through email at gtrust ( @ ) glenntrust dot com

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