Dyslexia Software New Generation - Ghotit Real Writer & Reader 4 for Windows

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Published: 06th February 2017
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1888 Press Release - Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4 uses advanced writing and reading assistance technology tailor-made for people with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other learning disabilities.

Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4 takes Ghotit spelling, grammar and punctuation algorithms to the next level:

• Ghotit Quick-Spell Word Prediction Algorithms (GQS-WP) are able to predict the word a user is typing even if the first letters are far away from the correct spelling. This is accomplished by newly developed patent-pending phonetics and context-aware machine-learning algorithms capable to "guess" the correct predictions even from severely misspelled words.

• Personal Style Algorithm (PSA) enables the user to personalize his writing style by creating a personal word bank. This word bank can then be used to create a document in the style similar to the words found in the personalized word bank. For example a lawyer can create a word bank of legal words and topics while a teacher can create a word bank for the subjects he teaches.

The new capabilities are integrated into Ghotit Real Writer and Reader platform that includes:

• Context and phonetic spell checker
• Grammar and punctuation checker
• Proofreader
• Word-Prediction with context and grammar awareness

Dr. Robert Iakobashvili, Ghotit founder and CTO, stated that these new capabilities have been developed to meet the requirements of educational institutes and work place environments.

Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4works straight out of the box, however within a short period of time the software adapts itself to the needs and style of the user.

Ofer Chermesh, one of Ghotit's founders says that the new Ghotit assistive technology is a big step towards allowing people with dyslexia and dysgraphia to study and work independently and succeed in writing intensive tasks.

Ghotit first launched its free online web service in 2009. Since then, Ghotit has released several products targeting Windows and Mac desktop. Recently Ghotit has entered the mobile device market with a solution for Windows, & Android tablets/smartphones and Apple iPads and iPhones. Ghotit writing assistant solution has been adopted over the years by tens of thousands of users with learning disabilities and by many schools, universities and training centers worldwide.

Additional information about Ghotit Real Writer and Reader 4 for Windows can be found at http://www.ghotit.com

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