Black Rose Author K.L. Bone Releases Much-Anticipated Heart of the Rose (Volume 2)

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Published: 08th May 2020
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1888 PressRelease - Black Rose sequel takes fans back to the beginning of Mara and Edward's epic love story.

Battle Ground, Wash. - To the delight of K.L Bone fans, the wait is over. Heart of the Rose: A Tale of the Black Rose Guard (Volume 2), the second installment of the popular Black Rose fantasy series, was just released. The book takes readers back to the beginning of Mara and Edward's epic love story, which spans more than a millennium of heartache, pain, and undying devotion.

In the novel, when Edward is sent on a mysterious quest by the ruthless queen, Mara, the youngest sub-captain to ever serve the Royal Guard, waits for his return. But after decades pass without word of his fate, memories transform to unbearable grief. When Mara finally prepares to accept the unimaginable loss of her love, a sinister creature of roses and shadow begins to haunt her dreams - dreams of blood, of torment and of Edward. As the dark presence lingers, Mara must choose between honoring her vows to the immortal courts to which she has sworn her life, or leaving to search for the man who possesses her soul.

"I'm thrilled to release Heart of the Rose and reunite readers with the captains of the Immortal Guard," said Bone. "This sequel will give fans of Black Rose the chance to dive into the beginning of the tale that shapes the most feared, loved, and revered captain in the history of the immortal courts."

Added Bone, "Working on the Black Rose books has been such a wonderful experience, and I hope fans of the series enjoy reading them as much as I have writing them."

More information on K.L. Bone and her novels can be found on the author's website, Heart of the Rose is available on Amazon. Black Rose, the first book in the series, is currently on sale for $0.99 through Kindle.

About the Author
Combining her creative writing experience and advanced graduate education in literature, K.L. Bone proves to have the unique skills for her highly imaginative and compelling five-book fantasy series, beginning with the first book, Rise of the Temple Gods: Heir to Kale, and her newest release, Heir to Koloso. Black Rose and Heart of the Rose, other popular novels by Bone, are also available.

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